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Would you and your children like a DVD player but feel you can’t afford it? Are your children nagging you for the ”right” kind of trainers? Do you long for a new car, kitchen or that ideal holiday? Working families with an income up to £58,000 per annum are guaranteed a minimum payment of £545 from our people friendly government!

From 6th April 2003 the Benefit system is undergoing the biggest shakeup in thirty years and it is quite likely that you may be entitled to a substantial allowance.

William and and Mary have two children aged 12 and 4 and a new baby aged 2 months. From 6th April 2003 they will be receiving approximately £100 per week from the government. William works over 30 hours per week and Mary has a part time job and works around 16 hours per week.

Are you getting this allowance? Are you aware that you will receive nothing unless a claim is made. It doesn’t happen automatically! Have you made a claim? William and Mary also use a registered childminder for the second child for which they can claim 70% of the charges from the government. Do you use a childminder?

Making such a claim is not particularly simple as there is an eight page form to be completed but it could be well worth your while. Claiming benefit no longer means a trip to the DSS office, standing in a queue for hours on end and having to face someone behind a glass screen. The world and the system have moved on and Penny Craig and Sheila Morrison of THE PHILLIP HILLS PARTNERSHIP specialise in such claims amongst other financial matters. If you spend your days wondering how to juggle the demands of children, dogs, school runs, shopping, housework and garden, not to mention finances, and desperately trying to have some sort of social life, they can help you!

The Phillip Hills Partnership was born from the needs of friends requiring just this sort of help and, although they are accountants and tax professionals, they are two women who understand the pressures of today on people’s lives.

Their clients tend to be from all walks of life including freelance people or those with small businesses needing help with the financial side of life.

Their offices are situated out of Edinburgh and there is loads of parking space. They are just as happy to come and see you if you would prefer it. Give usa ring if you would like a chat about this. It won’t cost you a penny and you might have an infinitely easier time than you do just now.

Register here to let us help you or call 0131 657 5757.

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